How to Fix A Blocked Toilet

If you have a blocked toilet in Melbourne, you are going to need a professional plumber to help you out. A blocked toilet can be an annoyance that may lead to more blocked toilets in melbourneserious problems later on, and the same could be said about leaking toilets. Toilet repair is one of our specialties and if you have any issues, make D & V Byrne Plumbing are here for all of your toilet plumbing needs.


Knowing What to Do with Your Blocked Toilet in Melbourne

Having a clogged toilet is more than just an annoyance. It can also lead to a leaking toilet, causing water damage that can be very costly. A clogged toilet does not necessarily mean that you immediately need to get toilet repair services. You should check to see what you can do at home before you call a professional plumber.

Here are some things that you can try doing in order to unclog your toilet.

No matter which method you choose to use, you should take some precautions beforehand. You want to make sure that you do not overflow the toilet. You should close the flapper and place newspaper or paper towels on your floor to protect your flooring from splashes or in case an overflow does occur. You can then move onto the plunging the toilet. If this does not work, you will likely need to move onto more intricate methods of unclogging your toilet. This includes using items like a snake or chemical drain cleaners. Drain cleaners are something that you should use as a last resort only.

Those More Stubborn Blocked Toilets in Melbourne

If none of these other solutions work, you need to contact a professional plumber to help you unclog your toilet. Some blocked toilets are more complicated than others. This may mean that you need specialized tools to get them out or to have someone pull apart the toilet to really get to the core of the issue. This is not something that should be done by a regular DIY’er at home. D & V Byrne Plumbing has the knowledge and expertise that you can count on to get you out of messy situations that arise from having a clogged toilet.

There are quite a few common issues that cause your toilet to get clogged, including:

  • Excessive toilet paper: This is probably one of the most common causes for a clogged toilet. Sometimes kids do not know when to stop and sometimes toilet paper does not degrade as it should.
  • Flushing non-flushable items: People with children typically have this problem, as children are quite fascinated with flushing everything down the toilet.
  • Clogged main drain: If the main drain is clogged, this will cause your toilet to back up. This will definitely require the help of a plumber.
  • Congestion of leach line: his can cause your entire system to back up.
    Watch out for some signs of problems to get the clog early. If you notice a slow flush or a gurgling noise when you flush, then you should contact a plumber right away.

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